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Mojo Building PC’s & Repairs is a home based business that was started up at the beginning of 2006 by me, Monique Jo. My mission started when I did some research and found that there is an unfortunate amount of stress when a person goes into areas of the computer that he/she is unfamiliar with and I feel I can overcome these by awareness and using simpler terms.

My life has changed dramatically from being informed and educated by my choice and I want to return that technology power to the people. I got my Mojo back and I want you to get your Mojo back.

I am so passionate about “Bridging the Gap between You and Technology especially Women”, answering your enquiries or computer problems and sharing technology with you.

And for those who have bridged the gap between you and technology I Monique knows everyone is unique and everyone's preferences are different. So that’s why I also offer advice so you can personalise your Media/Office computer the way you want it. With these technologies, you'll be able to customise your computer and create your own ultimate entertainment experience.

Proud Member of

Home Based Business Network

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Proud Founding Member of

Goddess Association In Australia

G.A.I.A Vision

'Celebrating, supporting and uniting

women in the wider community’


Click here with your suggestions or enquiries about Mojo's website: mojopc@bigpond.net.au

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